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Summer's conference carousel

My conference-carousel ended yesterday in Turku (Finland), where the 15th European Meeting on Game Theory (SING) was held. Many of the presented papers were quite technical and therefore hard for me to follow, but the trip was nevertheless worth the effort. The MILO-paper I presented there was “On Optimal Extraction Under Asymmetric Information ... Read more

New paper on the enforcement of an emission tax

One of the project’s papers has been published. The paper contains a dynamic model on the consequences of imperfect enforcement of an emission tax applied to a polluting mine. Here’s the abstract: “The production of different exhaustible resources, and mining in particular, are a source of stock pollutants and the growth of these stocks can be... Read more


The third Nordic Annual Environmental and Resource Economics workshop was held in University of Copenhagen on 11-12 of April. It gathered over 50 environmental and resource economists affiliated (or not) to Nordic universities and research organizations to share and discuss their ideas. Just like the previous workshops in Helsinki and Bergen, ... Read more

Working paper: Extraction and rehabilitation

It has been some time since I have posted anything here since I was rather busy during the summer with the conferences and other (even nicer) stuff. One of the happy news I got during the summer was a message from the editor of Resource and Energy Economics that one of my older papers was accepted for publication. The paper is about cleaning u... Read more

Nuclear waste: A problem until it's gone?

Nuclear reactors produce radioactive waste that consists of different radioactive elements and their isotopes. Some of these, like cesium, are very toxic; others, like uranium, are less toxic. A stylized story behind waste production is the following: Extracted uranium is packed into fuel rod assemblies, which are used in the reactor to produ... Read more