Are we better off with the Market Stability Reserve?

Policy makers have redesigned the so-called Market Stability Reserve of the EU ETS apparently to tackle the surplus of permits in the system and the low prices. Of course, there is nothing wrong with low prices when the emission cap is fixed like in the EU ETS, because low prices imply that abating emissions is cheap (which is a good thing). The... Read more

Halloween horror

Perhaps today is a good day to raise this blog from the dead. Here’s one halloween horror and one nice book: Academic publishing; Fallout by Fred Pearce. I particularly liked the chapter “Millisieverts: a dose of reason”. Read more

Lifestyle choices to mitigate emissions, really?

I asked my wife the other day if we should have our third child, and the immediate response was “Yeah, sure. But after the birth I’ll be on a holiday for a year - so, have fun”.git Perhaps that’s all for the best, as now my annual CO\(_2\) emissions are, in fact, negative. Or at least they would be if I believe this paper: The climate mitigatio... Read more

Honesty, mistakes, and all that

From the blog Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science, a comment by “Clyde Schechter”: “In published research, we are provided only with summaries of the methods. The many investigator degrees of freedom that go into data cleaning, definition of variables, choice of models, etc. are generally not set out. Yet these are, in... Read more

Quiz: which decade?

The following passage is from an old economics textbook. Can you guess when it was written? “Global natural resource use has been an area of concern for economists since the simultaneous births of modern economics and industrial society in the eighteenth century. Malthus was concerned with land and food contraints choking off population grow... Read more